Things to know before moving to Germany

07 Aug 2018

Cologne cityGermany is a splendid country to move to. From the scenic landmarks and fantastic festivals to great workers’ benefits and low cost of living, Germany promises a high standard of living for expats. Here are some things to know before you make the move:

-    Learning the language will help greatly
Even though other languages such as English are spoken in Germany – especially in the larger, more populated cities – learning basic phrases in German is important to communicate with the locals and respectfully prove that you have tried to integrate.

-    Biking is the preferred mode of transportation
Germany ranked amongst the top five EU countries where people cycle most, so expect to see plenty of bikers when moving! Biking is a cheap alternative and a great form of exercise. However, consider looking into biking laws prior to moving.

-    Public transport is efficient
Public transport is widely used in Germany, mainly due to its timely nature. Trains and buses are known for being clean too, making your everyday trips convenient.

-    Traveling to foreign countries requires little effort
Germany’s geographical location makes it easy to travel to other European countries. Even with the many attractions that Germany has to offer, if you’re looking for something slightly different, traveling to neighbouring countries will be quick and easy!

-    Good food
Yes, we’ve all heard of Germany’s sausage varieties, but there’s more to German cuisine than a delicious bratwurst! A range of breads and popular desserts are all easily found. Some common dishes include spätzle, bratkartoffeln and sauerbraten. Additionally, it is worth noting that no one does beer like the Germans!